Beat The Market Easily With Boring Mutual Funds

Don Fantry
6 min readMay 25, 2022
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Do you want to hear about an easy method to beat the markets with low-cost index mutual funds?

The strategy takes less than 30 minutes a month to check and make any changes. After the first month or two, it could take just 5–10 minutes maximum!

Copy my strategy and watch your wealth grow quickly over time!


I did quite a few hours of research selecting and historically testing the strategy. This includes starting in bear and bull markets. I looked at mutual funds that have been around for decades at Vanguard. I already did the heavy lifting for you and found some very good ones with great track records!

I wanted to find the funds with great average long-term returns. I tried to avoid only looking at the 10-year returns which was a great decade for stocks. I wanted funds at least 20 years old, the older the better.

I wanted to find a strategy with a lower draw-down rate than straight stock market investing. A “draw-down” is a period of time where your portfolio is losing value. Aggressive stock-centered portfolios can have some years with significant returns, but also can go down 50% during economic recessions!

The Strategy that I tested with good ol’ mutual funds…

I started using traditional portfolio strategies with different allocation percentages to the best-performing Vanguard mutual funds I found.

The results were decent and solid. I had great results with more aggressive one or two fund buy and hold investing. The main caveat with the aggressive portfolios was the large draw-down percentages that came with them. I was biased knowing that the market had always recovered and had gone on to make new highs.

So I went to my favorite testing strategy…

The Momentum Rotation Strategy.

See my other story using the strategy with ETFs here.

Here is a summary of it.

  1. Pick from 3–7 quality liquid investments ( easy to buy and sell).
  2. Track the performance of each investment over a set time period. It is typically tracked over a time period from…



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